Terra Masock

Terra brings a strong set of analytical and process management skills to the Firm. Her prior experience in large and small business settings has given her a strong results-oriented focus and a sharp problem-solving mentality. She is currently managing the Firm’s internal tax preparation processes and continues to make improvements to the Firm’s internal operations which has helped to accelerate the benefits clients enjoy in these areas.

Ms. Masock’s prior experience in various settings have also honed her ability to move accurately and rapidly through substantial volumes of work. This has allowed her to join a group of over-achieving colleagues and match their commitment to performance excellence and client service.

When she’s not pushing the Firm forward, she enjoys a variety of sports and other active pursuits. Don’t let her diminutive stature or pleasant smile fool you, she can easily throw out a runner trying to steal 2nd base from her position behind the plate. We’re grateful to have her as part of the Firm.