Confidential trusts


One of the primary goals in almost every estate plan with a trust is privacy. Whether your goal is to avoid a public probate proceeding or to simply prevent family members from outwardly discussing family matters, you must pay attention to both the language of the trust and also the method in which the estate plan is implemented.

If you are not careful, you may inadvertently disclose the beneficiaries of the trust, what property has been conveyed to the trust, or even the entire structure of your estate. Common mistakes here include transferring real property directly to the trust and having the trustee sign a document that will become public record.

In matters where the need for privacy is paramount, we have developed our Confidential Trust and a detailed method of implementation to maintain discretion in information disclosure. We can use this structure to accomplish truly anonymous giving, confidential ownership of business interests, or other client goals while protecting their identity and avoiding asset disclosure.

The Confidential Trust was born out of our efforts to meet specific client goals. This is where Nielsen Law Group is distinguished from other firms: we utilize our best efforts to not only develop the best documents and terms for estate plans, but we stay focused on how that plan is implemented to maximize the privacy and asset protection through the plan.

We would love the opportunity to discuss your goals and how we can accomplish them together.