Taxable Entity Formation

What are Business Structures?

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (“LLC’s”) and other business structures provide an important tool for aspects of an individual or couple’s financial plan. From the most complex corporation to the simplest LLC, the business structure provides a framework for organizing income generating activities, protecting assets and insulating the owners from direct liability and provides tax saving advantages that are inherently more effective that those available to any individual.

At Nielsen Law Group, we guide clients through the stages of business formation, evaluation and contracts. We provide our clients with the legal advice and support they need to select the right type of structure and get the right start.

As knowledgeable business entity formation attorneys who worked for many years as business owners in various fields, we believe this vast experience coupled with our extensive corporate knowledge can benefit you and your new company.

We will not only help assist with what is the best structure for your business, but will also aid with the additional details that will foster a strong foundation and get you started on the road to success. Whether you need assistance forming your new business entity or establishing a more sophisticated corporation or non-profit organization we will be able to guide you the entire way.