Wills tend to be one of the more difficult legal documents to draft correctly because they represent a plan against the unknown. You are trying to create a plan now that will be used only after you die, and we cannot be sure of what your circumstances may be at that time. But instead of giving up hope, you can create a comprehensive estate plan with professional assistance and a thorough review of your situation to tease out potential problems and address them now.

That said, we know significant concerns abound about how to create and implement an effective estate plan. Common questions might be: How can I know that my will is drafted correctly to be accepted by the probate court as valid? What discretion does the personal representative have in deciding how to divvy up the assets of my estate? Do I need a trust or a will? Or a combination of both?

If you have questions about wills or trusts, our attorneys can meet with you to review your needs and your plan to make sure that your wishes are carried out. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation at your convenience.