Debt Resolution


Creditors are often willing to reach discounted settlements with debtors instead of getting nothing if the debtor is forced into bankruptcy. But the process is an adversarial one and the Creditor/Bank will often employ every method they can to intimidate the debtor first. Constant collection phone calls, threats of lawsuits and large penalties and fees are just some of the methods used. The Creditor/Bank’s objective is to apply as much pressure as possible, despite the fact that your financial situation may simply not leave room for paying the debt. To them, your personal situation is irrelevant. They want you to put them first on the list of expenses, even before food, housing and transportation.

But when they understand that you’re represented by legal counsel who knows your rights and will assert them, the Creditor/Bank quickly moves to a position where they want to negotiate a settlement, knowing that getting something will be better than getting nothing.

Nielsen Law Group has represented numerous clients on debt settlement issues. Settlements generally range from 15-50% of the balance owed. Each situation is unique and the specific factors of your situation may increase or decrease the settlement offers.

The professionals at Nielsen Law Group are experienced with obtaining settlements with lenders and remain dedicated to negotiating the best possible settlement for your case. You may be able to settle your debt for a fraction of the cost! CONTACT US TODAY.