Contracts may be the single most overlooked area of law and yet it is also one of the most common and important areas. Legal contracts show up in virtually every aspect of our lives, from the goods we purchase while grocery shopping, to real estate and automobile purchases to the services we receive and the arrangements we make for our heirs. All involve legal contracts and all impact your rights and liabilities.

Whenever you enter into an agreement with someone else, it should be in writing and should include all of the provisions necessary to completely reflect what you agreed to. This includes provisions that are often forgotten, like what happens if the other party doesn’t follow through, or what happens if they only do part of what they agreed too. Simple things like what state law applies and whether or not dates and times are supposed to be definite and certain are also regularly left out of the contracts we’re asked to review.

And when there’s no written contract or these terms are omitted from the written contract, it’s up to the court to decide what the arrangement really is and how the party’s rights and liabilities should be identified. The cost of litigation in this area is easily avoided by having a contract created and/or reviewed by a qualified attorney before you sign it.

If you’re entering into an agreement, give Nielsen Law Group a call to review the matter before you sign. We can help you review and/or document the arrangement and avoid the potential conflict and cost of a contract dispute.