Our law firm’s attorneys have first-hand experience in Arizona’s business sector and many previously had had thriving corporate before they turned to practicing law. They can handle any legal issues that have to do with corporate law and provide speedy resolutions to our clients. They will explain the entire process to our clients in layman’s terms without confusing or overwhelming them. We are a law firm that maintains optimum focus on the latest developments in business law, and we are proud of our ability to effectively communicate all these advances to our clients. We understand all your business needs and we will consider them all while serving you efficiently, whether you’re starting an enterprise, negotiating a contract, or resolving a dispute.

Providing Business Solutions for your Legal Problems

A lot of law firms that are in general practice within the state of Arizona boast of having attorneys who have a background in business law. However, more often than not, their ability to adequately cater to your business interests falls short of your expectations. This is hardly the case with our firm, where we have a dedicated team of some of the best Arizona business attorneys who are guaranteed to exclusively undertake your legal business issues until a solution is reached. Our lawyers cases deal with business law in general, but can also cover negotiations and contracts. This means that they will be able to fully deal with all your corporate legal matters with a proficiency that cannot be duplicated by other law firms in the state.

Business Dispute Resolution

Many businesses are increasingly incorporating alternative dispute resolution clauses into standard business-to-business and customer contracts. Even businesses without such clauses are opting for alternative dispute resolution clauses to resolve business disagreements as a way of minimizing legal fees and court costs. At our law offices, we have been able to translate our litigation and business law expertise into powerful and result-oriented alternative dispute resolution advocacy for our clients, no matter how big or small the issue is.

Intellectual Property

All growing businesses will inevitably have different kinds of intellectual property requirements. Our business attorneys will go further than merely responding to situations that get out of hand. Because they personally have years of experience in the private sector, they innately have the foresight to stop problems before they even arise. This means that they are also well placed to assist you in creating successful growth strategies for your business.
Our lawyers have remarkable competency in copyright and trademark law. We will therefore be at your service, whether you require assistance in registering your organization’s trademark with the office of the Arizona Secretary of State or filing your patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you wish to prosecute any business or individual who you feel is unfairly infringing on any of your copyright rights, or you just require general advice on a variety of other intellectual property issues, our attorneys will be the people to see.

Starting a Business

With only a few exceptions in special circumstances, the State of Arizona doesn’t impose a residency or citizenship requirement on non US citizens who wish to start or purchase a running business within its borders. Our firm offers comprehensive business services to any non-citizens who are in the process of buying or starting a business in Arizona. Our lawyers will assist you in drafting the initial operating agreement and purchase contract or operating agreement, while ensuring that your business is compliant with all state and federal laws. They will also passionately advocate for all your interests in court should any business litigation or disputes arise.

Asset Protection

Any business owner knows that proactively protecting their personal assets is essential, especially against future events and situations that may be beyond their control. The attorneys at our law firm are equipped with the legal experience and business savvy to effectively evaluate all actual and potential risks you may face and help you decide on the best ways that you can legally protect your assets. One session with our business attorneys will be enough to convince you that you can easily protect your valued assets from lawsuits and creditors without having to submit to unnecessary hardship and pessimism.