Nielsen Law Group – History in the Making

As a new high school graduate planning to pursue a legal career, Evan Nielsen was looking at the front end of a very long, exciting and completely unexpected journey. Three states, eight children, five college degrees, and three decades of entrepreneurship later, Nielsen Law Group was born.

On a parallel track, Levi S. Hatch, an Arizona native, was distinguishing himself as both a scholar and leader at the highly respected ASU School of Law. He excelled in his studies and served as part of the Arizona State Law Journal editorial management team. After stints in estate planning and bankruptcy and advocacy positions at other firms, Levi joined Nielsen Law Group in 2014 and quickly earned the respect of his associates and peers, becoming a full partner in 2015.

Nielsen Law Group has established itself as one of the premier tax and legal services entities in the field. The history of the Firm, and its culture and mission are rooted in the team’s collective journey and their commitment to service.

The Firm’s emphasis on high standards and client service emerged from the experiences Evan, Levi, and other members of the Firm have had in their personal lives. Long waits in a doctor’s or dentist’s office, poor responsiveness on a product return, confusing explanations, partial solutions that don’t really help or any of the myriad other poor experiences they’ve had as customers and clients themselves underscored their desire to create something different. Conversely, the positive perception they gained each time customer service experiences were exceptional convinced the group that only the highest standards of excellence and customer service was acceptable for the Firm’s clients.

The group’s experiences in their own business and start-up endeavors emphasized the need to tailor services to individuals and small businesses. But their experiences with large businesses left a clear impression of the power of business models, strategic planning and financial rigor – all tailored to the realities of small business budgets and resources.

In the specialized area of tax planning, the Firm’s view is founded in the perspective that the “big boys” shouldn’t be the only ones to benefit from a favorable elements of the tax code. By employing big-company strategies in a small business setting, the Firm has helped hundreds of taxpayers reduce their personal and business tax burden to manageable levels.

There is a clear understanding in the Firm that when someone needs an attorney, they’re looking for solutions from a strong advocate and candid advisor. The Firm’s personnel have had far too many experiences themselves where they were treated like a number or just “billable hours” to feel comfortable allowing the Firm’s clients to receive anything but the most practical and personal service possible.

The Firm is made up of individuals from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds. In every case, they have experience in non-law related pursuits before joining the firm. Ranging from business and finance to technology and retail to entertainment and service industries.

The result is a Firm focused on providing legal and tax solutions to individuals and small businesses through uniquely proactive, practical and personal service. The group enjoys what they do and while they don’t take themselves too seriously, they take their role in assisting you as a very serious matter. As you work with them, you’ll find you’re dealing with the best of the best. Be prepared for a uniquely pleasant experience in a normally stodgy and standoffish profession.