Licensed in Arizona

Levi S. Hatch has the skill and understanding to help individuals and small business owners find cost effective solutions to their legal issues. Mr. Hatch works to develop business structures that provide asset protection for owners and minimize tax liability though integrated tax and estate planning. His mastery of a wide range of legal and business tools also allows him to provide the timely assistance entrepreneurs need to keep growing in a dynamic business environment.

Mr. Hatch also represents debtors and creditors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases under the Bankruptcy Code. More than just a paper pusher, he has an in depth knowledge of the bankruptcy code and helps debtors with careful legal planning at each stage of the representation from pre-petition exemption planning through discharge. He is respected by his peers in bankruptcy circles as one who is proficient, competent, and fair. Levi assists debtors in using the powerful tools available only in bankruptcy to deal with judgment liens, foreclosures, wage garnishment, and federal and state tax liens and levies.

When civil litigation is necessary, Mr. Hatch employees his knowledge of civil procedure and strategy to enhance his clients chance of success. He understands the delicate balance between litigation costs and the chance of recovery and has worked to resolve claims through alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration. His clients have, in many instances, been able to achieve swift and fair resolution of their cases without the burden of trial costs or the associated stress. And when court time is necessary, his calm, but direct approach makes him a strong and effective advocate for his client.

Mr. Hatch, an Arizona native, received his Economics degree from Brigham Young University and received his Juris Doctorate from the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law. Levi and his wife are the parents of four children.

Mr. Hatch is currently admitted to practice before the Arizona State Supreme Court and the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.