If you are tired of constantly worrying about the debts you owe, fret no more! Our law firm has some of the best debt attorneys in Arizona who will gladly assist you in getting rid of your debt once and for all. We can act as your defense in case you’re sued and help you negotiate a debt settlement without having to resort to declaring bankruptcy.

Attorney-Negotiated Debt Settlement

The process of attorney-negotiated debt settlement can lead to a substantial reduction in the amount you owe, and our debt attorneys can show you how to potentially accomplish this without becoming insolvent. For many of our clients, negotiated settlement and arbitration provide the best means to sort out their debt problems. Using this time-tested approach we can effectively defend you if you have been sued by your creditors. If we feel that you have valid reasons for being unable to meet your debt obligations, we will aggressively represent you in court and ensure that none of your rights are violated.
The attorney negotiated debt settlement is best suited for individuals who have a reliable source of income or can access funds that can be directed to settling their debts. We have a long list of satisfied clients on whose behalf we have successfully settled outstanding debts at a fraction of the costs demanded by their creditors.

Defense from Credit Card and Debt Collection Lawsuits

Our firm is also qualified to help you in case you’ve been sued by a credit card company, bank, or third-party debt collector. It is prudent that you get in touch with one of our debt attorneys as soon as you receive notification of such a suit because time is of the utmost importance when crafting an appropriate and effective response. Failure to make a timely response and defend such a lawsuit can result in the awarding of a default judgment against you and leave you exposed to garnishment and other negative collection actions.

We have the legal know-how to defend our varied clientele from debt collection lawsuits, regardless of the amount involved. We will begin by thoroughly analyzing your case to come up with a viable defense for use against the lawsuit against you. Such a defense may invariably include issues to do with the statute of limitations issues, the payments you have made towards your debt, faulty contracts or paperwork, assignment anomalies, among others. Our firm has a clear understanding of all your legal rights in any type of collection lawsuit, and our debt attorneys will apply the law to ensure that all your interests are safeguarded.

Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Issues

If you have come to the conclusion that negotiated debt settlement is not the appropriate remedy for you, our debt lawyers will advise you on the bankruptcy options that are available to you within the State of Arizona. We can adequately assist you in determining whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our state and federal bankruptcy laws are both complex and powerful and can sometimes avail the most viable option to a number of our clients. Bankruptcy is especially suited to unemployed individuals, or those with a reduced income.

Unbiased Debt Advice

Whenever you opt to seek our firm’s legal assistance, we intimately understand the amount of distress you must be undergoing to make you resort to this option. You may have been subjected to incessant demands for payment from your creditors for a long period of time. Our debt attorneys will freely consult with you, and you will find a sympathetic and knowledgeable person in them, who is actually willing to listen to all your issues and make an effort to fully comprehend your current situation. Our lawyers are never biased in picking debt settlement over declaring bankruptcy or vice versa. This choice is often left to you. We cater to both bankruptcy and debt settlement and are very experienced in defending any kind of debt lawsuit. We will provide you with even-handed advice as well as pragmatic, straight-forward solutions to all your financial woes. You have our guarantee that you will leave our premises with a complete understanding of all your options.


If you are currently struggling under the weight of other kinds of debt that haven’t been mentioned above, our firm can also assist you in resolving credit problems dealing with mortgage debts, business debts, personal loans, medical bills, and many others. Get in touch with us as soon as you can to see if you can benefit from any of our services and remember that time is of the essence.