Why you should use an Arizona Tax Attorney from our Law Firm

Our law firm is renowned throughout the state of Arizona for offering tax relief advocacy and legal advice. We have the cream of tax attorneys who have earned a sterling reputation assisting clients with a variety of issues that include general tax preparation, obtaining release from IRS tax levies or wage garnishment, providing tax audit representation, dealing with payroll tax problems, and making arrangements to pay any back taxes owed..

Legal Advocacy

Our firm’s tax attorneys have undergone extensive training in the field of legal advocacy unlike CPA’s or Enrolled Agents. Consequently, these attorneys are better placed to provide you with more persuasive and pragmatic solutions that are beyond the scope of non-attorney tax professionals who lack the relevant know-how that is required to fully strategize on such matters. We have very capable attorneys who have extensive knowledge in tax law combined with proficient negotiating skills that are vital in securing the best possible outcomes for you.

Your Able Power of Attorney representative

You will enjoy the highly-convenient option of having one of our tax lawyers take the privilege of acting as your power of attorney. According your lawyer with this status means that they have your authorization to represent you in all IRS tax matters. Our attorneys can then fully represent you legally by negotiating your position, and advocating the merits of your case using verbal communication, written correspondence, or face-to-face interaction with the IRS. The attorney will also have the power to be your official attorney-of-record in court during any ensuing tax cases. We only ask that you inform any IRS agents who get in touch with you regarding unpaid back taxes, pending tax audits or any other tax matters that you first need to speak with an Arizona tax attorney from our firm. You should always do this before attempting to answer any questions from the government authorities as it is your right under current tax law in Arizona.

Additional Services
Some other areas in which you can benefit from the services of or tax attorneys include: estate planning matters that involve complex tax procedures or the specialized filing process for an estate tax return; establishing a new business where you’ll require expert legal counsel to explain the structure and tax obligations of your company; venturing into the international business arena which requires a thorough understanding on drawing contracts and the application of international taxes; and engaging in international business that requires help with contracts, tax treatment, and other legal matters.

We also handle general tax return preparation and amendment preparation. Through employing tax strategy, we have been very successful in helping many enjoy great tax savings.


Choosing a qualified Arizona tax attorney to speedily resolve your tax problems has never been easier than this. After you have carefully weighed all the available options in terms of price, quality of service and experience in dealing with the IRS, you will have no trouble in selecting our dependable law firm. Therefore, if you’re ever on the receiving end of a threatening letter from the IRS and are at a loss on what to do, keep us in mind and contact us as soon as you can.

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