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Many of us are indeed responsible citizens, especially when it comes to filing and paying our taxes on time. But it does not end there, because as conscientious taxpayers we must also be knowledgeable not only about our own tax information and structure as determined by our sources of income, but also be well-informed of our taxpayer rights and obligations. This awareness is definitely made up of numerous details, as the diverse range of tax laws and their continuing changes can make it too complicated for busy taxpayers to understand fully and correctly apply to one’s tax breakdown.

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Yet the relevance of the tax laws would more likely be recognized if one’s taxpayer status is affected. It is true that utilizing a reliable tax software program and availing the expertise of a tax accountant would be of great convenience, but a taxpayer must not take for granted the legal implications of one’s applicable tax matters. Any honest mistake against a certain provision in the Tax Code, no matter how minor, still needs to be dealt with appropriately in order for it to not eventually turn into a major penalty by the IRS. And likewise, any unclaimed tax benefit is an unrecognized right rather than a missed opportunity.

Such important situations certainly call for legal expertise in tax, as well as legal representation by a competent Chandler tax lawyer when necessary. Having legal assistance in any tax-related matter gives taxpayers optimal advantage in fully practicing one’s taxpayer rights, while being presented with the best solutions in successfully dealing with any IRS issues, and becoming more well-informed about both financial and legal aspects of one’s tax structure. With our Chandler tax attorneys who have had proven track records of excellent proficiency in all US Federal and Arizona state tax laws, clients are ensured that their savings in time, effort, and tax money are optimized.

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