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Just like every creditor who has the right to demand payment and be protected from credit default, each debtor also has a specific set of rights that he or she must be able to practice, for one’s own protection against any unforeseen financial struggles that may hinder him or her from prompt and adequate debt payments.

bankruptcy_protectionDebtors have the right to be treated with fairness, in a way that there is an ethical procedure for being solicited for payment, and that they must not be harassed or discriminated by creditors and debt collecting agencies. Debtors also have the right to raise concerns on questionable debts, which may be in terms of ownership, payment amount or rate, payment terms, and other circumstances that are deemed inconsistent with the debt agreement or contract.

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However, when it comes to filing for bankruptcy, this is not deemed as a Constitutional right by the Federal government, but rather a legal and statutory one. It is thus important to seek advice from an expert bankruptcy lawyer who would assess the debtor client in terms of credit portfolio and financial condition, in order for bankruptcy to be appropriately and successfully filed.

We have highly competent Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys that treat each client’s case with great circumspect, to ensure that the troubled debtor’s rights to file for bankruptcy and to be given favorable court decisions, are properly identified and justified. In fact, obtaining legal assistance from a reputable bankruptcy lawyer is a debtor’s right.

Once you get in touch with our reliable team of bankruptcy attorneys in Phoenix, you will be made aware of your rights as a debtor, and will be given advice on which rights are applicable and should be strengthened according to your unique credit situation. Ultimately, you would then be rightfully given bankruptcy protection in order for you to eventually rebuild your financial capability without legal worries.


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