More News On Tax ID Theft

In the days after 9/11 the Nation stood by, horrified at the act of terrorism.  In the years that followed the attack, most of us slowly regained confidence in our safety and the fear of another attack gradually diminished. However, the world we live in does not restrict itself to attacks of violence, there are plenty of other opportunities for those that wish us harm to create havoc. While nothing will ever compare to that terrible September morning, a new sort of terrorism is making headlines in today’s society. From instances of cyber-bullying, to identity theft and beyond comes a new form of online data breach to monitor; tax theft.

The IRS has issued a statement wherein the following information about stolen tax returns was revealed:

  • More than 100,000 people have been the victim of having their previously filed tax returns stolen this tax season.
  • The thieves used an application within the IRS’ own website to gain access to the information.
  • As a result, fraudulent returns were filed, and refunds paid.

The total monetary damage tops $50 million! But an even more significant injury is of the loss of security to the taxpayer. When a thief has your personal information in hand; such as your name, address, and social security number, it becomes all the more easy to steal your identity. This might mean taking out loans in your name, or obtaining credit by use of your personal data. To protect your financial persona, keep a close watch on your credit report and beware of any calls from lenders or businesses with which you do not transact business. If you believe your tax ID has been stolen, contact the IRS immediately and then call our office to speak with a qualified legal tax professional. The IRS can certainly note your file, but we can help clean up the mess and take further steps to ensure your privacy remains intact.

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