From the December, 2015

Congress Passes the Tax Extenders Bill just in time for Christmas!

Congress did it. Over 50 tax provisions expired at the end of 2014, including accelerated depreciation provisions, child tax credits and earned income credit allowances. And for the past 11.5 months we’ve been in […]

Filing Tax Returns for Deceased Individuals

A commonly overlooked issue in estate administration is the filing of the decedent’s final tax return. Even if there are no assets to administer, a person may have had substantial income that requires reporting […]

Owing Taxes May Prevent You From Traveling

Believe it or not, if you owe back taxes, you may be prevented from traveling abroad. How is that possible? Well, on December 4, 2015 President Obama signed legislation passed by Congress that gives […]

IRS May Soon Use Private Debt Collectors

The latest from Congress on the tax front left me shaking my head to say the least. In a recent transportation bill that cleared both the House and Senate, the requirement was inserted that […]