From the January, 2016

IRS Lawsuits – Yet another IRS Scam

It goes like this. Someone calls and tells you (or leaves a voicemail) that this is your last notice or the IRS will be filing a lawsuit against you. You’re directed to pay immediately […]

How To Pick a Name For Your Business

You probably know that forming a business entity is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself as an owner from business liabilities and you are probably aware that some tax benefits can flow […]

Probate vs. Non-Probate Assets: Estate Planning Without Wills and Trusts

In a previous post we covered a method available to transfer real property without probate called the Arizona Beneficiary Deed. The purpose of the beneficiary deed is to allow the owner to retain control […]

Tax Deadlines for 2016

The IRS announced today the filing deadlines for the 2015 tax year. The IRS will begin accepting 2015 returns on January 19, 2016. S-Corporation and Partnership Returns are due on March 15, 2016. Extension […]