IRS Lawsuits – Yet another IRS Scam

It goes like this. Someone calls and tells you (or leaves a voicemail) that this is your last notice or the IRS will be filing a lawsuit against you. You’re directed to pay immediately or deal with the lawsuit.

Numerous clients and even one of our Firm’s attorneys have received similar calls in the last 60 days. It’s a SCAM, plain and simple. A few things to be aware of that will help you avoid these predators:

  • The IRS DOES NOT call taxpayers to threaten lawsuits.
  • If you do owe the IRS money, you will receive written correspondence about it long before any calls from the IRS.
  • The IRS DOES occasionally attempt to contact taxpayers about outstanding balances owed but this will only happen after the tax debt has already been established so it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY you’ll be surprised by a call.
  • If you are called by someone claiming to be from the IRS, ask for their employee number, then ask to speak to their supervisor. Then ask for them to fax you a copy of your tax return transcript for the year in question.
  • Above all, DO NOT give anyone your bank or credit card information until you are absolutely certain it’s legit.

If you believe you’ve been contacted by a scammer, contact the attorney general in your state and the IRS via their website ( and report it immediately.