From the March, 2015

WARNING – It’s Tough Being an Entrepreneur

If you are dreaming of being your own boss, there are many significant benefits of striking out on your own. However, before you leave your current job to become an entrepreneur, it is important […]

Should Your Business be a Corporation or LLC?

When you are starting a new business, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the legal structure for your entity. Two options most small business owners consider is a corporation […]

How is a Limited Liability Company Governed?

Hopefully you have read our prior blog discussing how a corporation is governed. This blog will discuss the governance of a limited liability company (LLC). Members An LLC is made-up of owners that are […]

In Terrorem – No Contest Clauses

One of the strengths of a well-crafted estate plan is that it promotes harmony among the beneficiaries. This means that the creator of the plan has set forth either incentives for agreement or disincentives […]

The State Might Revoke Your Will When You Divorce

Common and written laws that control division of a decedent’s estate go back thousands of years. More recently in our nation’s history, legislatures across the country have tried to establish a default pattern of […]

How is a Corporation Governed?

The two most common types of entities formed by new business owners are the corporation and a limited liability company (LLC). This blog will focus on how a corporation is governed, but please check […]

Tax Fraud – Who’s Problem is It?

The IRS reported a substantial increase in fraudulent tax returns over the past 18 months. It’s now climbing to the multi-billion issue. Congress and the Department of Justice are now involved with hearings planned […]

When To Fill Out A 1099 Form

Everyone’s tax situation is different. Some people only work for someone else, and have a W-2 given to them at the end of the year detailing their income and what was withheld. The self-employed […]

…And the Latest Tax Scam is…

On the anniversary of the corporate tax return deadline and just 30 days away from the personal deadline our attention has clearly shifted to tax preparation issues. This year has a new (SIGNIFICANT) wrinkle […]

Who Pays The Most In Taxes?

The fact that people make different salaries is not new information. In most instances it is easy to see the disparity income level, by looking at material things such as houses and cars. In […]