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What If My Business Has Changed and My Entity Type Needs To Change?

Changing your line of business does not necessarily call for a change in your entity. This report will cover some aspects of a business that might require you to revise and/or restructure your entity. […]

The Basics of Forming a Corporation

If you are considering forming a corporation, it is wise to seek help from an experienced business attorney. The structure of your company will impact your business throughout its lifetime, so it is important […]

Tips for Creating a Successful Family Business

Family businesses range from small “mom and pop” stores to large corporations, but when family is involved it is important to ensure it is a financial success. Although a family business often begins as […]

Where Should Your Start-Up Business Incorporate?

Most start-up businesses choose to operate as either a corporation or as a limited liability company (LLC) because they offer limited personal liability for the entity’s business debts. Once you have selected how to […]

Should Your Business be a Corporation or LLC?

When you are starting a new business, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the legal structure for your entity. Two options most small business owners consider is a corporation […]

How is a Corporation Governed?

The two most common types of entities formed by new business owners are the corporation and a limited liability company (LLC). This blog will focus on how a corporation is governed, but please check […]