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3 Asset Protection Principles You Can Apply Now

Shortly after achieving some success, business owners turn their attention to protecting their home, investments and business interests. Having a startup with no value didn’t require any protection, but being out there in the […]

What If My Business Has Changed and My Entity Type Needs To Change?

Changing your line of business does not necessarily call for a change in your entity. This report will cover some aspects of a business that might require you to revise and/or restructure your entity. […]

The Differences Between a Sole Proprietorship & a Single-Member LLC

One of the first crucial decisions an entrepreneur must make is how to legally structure the business. Most businesses that are started by one person begin as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability […]

Maintaining Limited Liability with a LLC

One of the primary benefits of creating a limited liability company (LLC) is the protection it offers the owners from being personally liable for debts of the entity. Additionally, setting up a LLC is […]

Where Should Your Start-Up Business Incorporate?

Most start-up businesses choose to operate as either a corporation or as a limited liability company (LLC) because they offer limited personal liability for the entity’s business debts. Once you have selected how to […]

Are Members of a LLC Required to Attend Annual Meetings?

One of the benefits of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your business is the flexibility it offers its members. Compared to other types of incorporated entities, the formal requirements required for a […]

Should Your Business be a Corporation or LLC?

When you are starting a new business, one of the most important decisions you can make is choosing the legal structure for your entity. Two options most small business owners consider is a corporation […]

How is a Limited Liability Company Governed?

Hopefully you have read our prior blog discussing how a corporation is governed. This blog will discuss the governance of a limited liability company (LLC). Members An LLC is made-up of owners that are […]

Pros and Cons of Limited Liability Companies

When you are selecting a legal entity for your start-up company, it is imperative that you understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option. Many small business owners incorporate as a limited liability […]

LLC Articles of Organization & Operating Agreement

When you establish a limited liability company (LLC), there are certain documents that you must have to govern the business. We can help you create these documents and ensure that your business is in […]