From the January, 2017

What to do with an incorrect 1099 or other tax form?

The Department of Revenue for the state of Arizona recently released a statement informing taxpayers that the 1099-G forms it had issued contained incorrect information.  The issue is that the 1099-G forms restated the […]

Mileage Logs the Easy Way

For decades, we’ve all dreaded the task of tracking vehicle miles for tax purposes. But it’s always a good idea, always something the IRS Agents ask for in our office whenever auto expenses are […]

The IRS Summons – When the Bully is the Government

You’re going to love this one but you’ll need a little background in two areas first. BitCoin is an emerging form of currency that’s essentially tracked as an electronic balance instead of printed on […]

Top IRS Audit Flags in 2016

Taxes themselves are a hassle. But even worse is the prospect of an audit after you’ve filed. So knowing what increases and decreases the probability of an audit is something we’ve made our business. […]