Mileage Logs the Easy Way

For decades, we’ve all dreaded the task of tracking vehicle miles for tax purposes. But it’s always a good idea, always something the IRS Agents ask for in our office whenever auto expenses are included in an audit, and is a game changer when the logs are current and complete.

So what’s the secret to making it happen – well, the surprising answer now-a-days is pretty simple. Just carry your cell phone with you wherever you go. Your phone has GPS location capabilities and with the sophistication of mapping functions, your phone can figure out where you’ve been by address and determine the road miles between. With the right algorithms, your phone can also figure out when you were driving and when you were walking.

In case you’re wondering how to get your phone to do all this magical work, check out the app store. Search for vehicle mileage logs and you’ll find many potential solutions. We don’t provide reviews and don’t get kickbacks from any of them but when anyone asks, we always suggest they check out MileIQ. And we’ve had excellent success with the logs it creates in IRS audits. There are several options so explore them all and do what makes sense in your case. And remember that sometimes, pencil and pad are still the best solution. But don’t ignore the amazing advances in technology and how they can help as well.

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