From the February, 2015

A Cash Refund? At Wal-Mart?

Time seems to stand still when you are waiting for your tax refund to arrive. This year will be no exception, as most reports indicate refunds may be slowed due to a decrease in […]

The Most Complicated Tax Season Yet

As if tax issues weren’t difficult enough, now the complex new health law could create more confusion. This tax season, expect to see the Affordable Health Care Act on your tax form when preparing […]

Arizona Beneficiary Deeds – Another Statutory Estate Planning Tool

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” and there are an even greater number of ways to transfer an interest in property to your children or heirs. One of the more recent […]

How IRS Budget Cuts May Slow Your Refund

Tax returns are due every April 15th. In order to file accurately, you must have all the information necessary to prepare and file your return. So, at the end of January employers and other […]

Top Tax Stories For The New Year

The elections at the end of 2014 gave control of Congress back to the Republican party. There are also Republican governors in over half of the states in the union. Often times when a […]

A Tax Hike For The Wealthy?

Life isn’t fair, and this seems to be the most evident and visible in the world of taxes. It seems like the average wage earner is the one that pays the most in taxes, […]

Understanding the Basics of Limited Liability Companies

Many small businesses are formed as limited liability companies (LLCs). Although corporations are effective legal entities, they require burdensome formalities that corporate managers must comply with and observe. The LLC structure has grown in […]

Is Crowdfunding Right for your Business?

Crowdfunding is becoming a popular way for new businesses to raise money. However, before you decide to use crowdfunding for your start-up, you should consider the following: Do you have a new idea? Most […]

Arizona Employer Requirements

If you own a business in Arizona and you have employees, it is important to take all the necessary steps to comply with the law. Our attorneys can help you get started and ensure […]

Picking the Successor Trustee for your Trust

During your lifetime you (and your spouse) typically remain in control of your trust assets and live just as if the trust did not exist at all; you remain in control of your assets […]