From the December, 2012

Taxes and the Fiscal Cliff – what’s up now?

Congress and the White House are still wrangling with the debt ceiling, raising taxes, cutting spending and a variety of issues collectively referred to as the Fiscal Cliff the nation reaches on January 1, […]

Is the Bankruptcy Trustee Friend or Foe?

When you file for bankruptcy protection, one of the first things the court does is appoint a Trustee. What’s his or her role? To gather any assets of the bankruptcy estate, liquidate them and […]

IRS Publishes Investment Tax Rules

Remember ObamaCare. Well it’s in the news again but this time it has nothing to do about healthcare. Part of the bill Congress passed included various other tax increases, including a surtax on investment […]

Who has to pay the HOA and Property Taxes after bankruptcy?

You’ve decided to file bankruptcy and some of the debts are past-due HOA fees and delinquent property taxes. Who’s responsible for these debts? HOA Dues HOA dues are a personal debt (in all but […]