From the February, 2016

No Internet Tax – It’s Official…Almost

There has long been talk among state and local taxing authorities regarding the lost revenues occurring from the sale of goods over the internet. Several states, and some local governments have attempted to impose […]

What If My Business Has Changed and My Entity Type Needs To Change?

Changing your line of business does not necessarily call for a change in your entity. This report will cover some aspects of a business that might require you to revise and/or restructure your entity. […]

What are Ancillary Probate Cases?

In prior posts we covered some of the differences between trusts and wills and why trusts are generally preferred. One important reason that deserves special attention is owning property in multiple states. You now […]

IRS eFile Delays

The 2015 Tax filing season has officially started and the IRS is once again struggling to process tax returns. Our processing provider has notified us that the IRS is experiencing significant eFiling issues at […]