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Evan A. Nielsen Named as Alternate on IRS Advocacy Panel

The Internal Revenue Service selected Evan A. Nielsen of Nielsen Law Group as an alternate on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP). As defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the TAP is a Federal […]

IRS – trying to be a law unto itself.

The perception that the IRS is a very powerful organization is widespread. Special privileges for collection, a preference for intimidation, and the disregard for equity that’s splashed the IRS news for the past decade […]

IRS Hacked Again – Seriously?

You’ll love this (or feel even less digitally secure with your tax info). Last year the IRS announced that it had been hacked and hundreds of thousands of taxpayer records had been compromised. Many […]

No Internet Tax – It’s Official…Almost

There has long been talk among state and local taxing authorities regarding the lost revenues occurring from the sale of goods over the internet. Several states, and some local governments have attempted to impose […]

IRS eFile Delays

The 2015 Tax filing season has officially started and the IRS is once again struggling to process tax returns. Our processing provider has notified us that the IRS is experiencing significant eFiling issues at […]

IRS Lawsuits – Yet another IRS Scam

It goes like this. Someone calls and tells you (or leaves a voicemail) that this is your last notice or the IRS will be filing a lawsuit against you. You’re directed to pay immediately […]

Tax Deadlines for 2016

The IRS announced today the filing deadlines for the 2015 tax year. The IRS will begin accepting 2015 returns on January 19, 2016. S-Corporation and Partnership Returns are due on March 15, 2016. Extension […]

Scam Central – Is It Really The IRS Calling?

The latest scam is phone callers impersonating the IRS and demanding payment. And it’s pretty tricky to know who is and isn’t legitimate. The IRS is a collection agency and like most other collection […]

Tax Tips for Tip Income

Anything you receive as a tip is considered taxable income.  Usually a tip is in the form of cash.  But occasionally a tip may be in the form of something that is not cash, […]

Tax Tips for Scholarships and Fellowships

If you or a child are receiving a scholarship or fellowship for attending a college or other form of higher education, there are a few tax tips to know in order to reduce or […]