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Scammers and IRS Impersonation – Did You Know?

The IRS has issued alerts about scammers that are continuing to contact taxpayers. Among the most common are phone calls and fake emails. Thieves use the IRS name, logo or a fake website to […]

The Latest IRS Tax Scam

Our office has received numerous reports of the following: Someone calls, identifies themselves as an IRS Agent, tells you that a lawsuit has been filed and that local authorities will be sent to your […]

IRS Lawsuits – Yet another IRS Scam

It goes like this. Someone calls and tells you (or leaves a voicemail) that this is your last notice or the IRS will be filing a lawsuit against you. You’re directed to pay immediately […]

Scam Central – Is It Really The IRS Calling?

The latest scam is phone callers impersonating the IRS and demanding payment. And it’s pretty tricky to know who is and isn’t legitimate. The IRS is a collection agency and like most other collection […]