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3 Asset Protection Principles You Can Apply Now

Shortly after achieving some success, business owners turn their attention to protecting their home, investments and business interests. Having a startup with no value didn’t require any protection, but being out there in the […]

Postnuptial Agreements for Asset Protection

A postnuptial agreement is a contract between spouses that sets out how assets or liabilities will be allocated between them during a marriage and at death or divorce. This agreement offers spouses the opportunity […]

Asset Protection and the Hobby Loss Rule

Placing assets in different business entities has long been an accepted asset protection strategy. Doing so segregates the potential liability from each asset from all the others.   A good example of this approach […]

Asset Protection Through ERISA Protected Accounts – Do You Qualify?

As part of the federal legal scheme to encourage workers to save for retirement, The Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) provides asset protection for certain qualified retirement plans by preventing the execution […]

Asset Protection – Only for the Rich?

You’ve probably heard the term and maybe even wondered if it would be worth looking into. But then dismissed it thinking it would be too expensive – that’s why only the rich folks do […]

Did Your Spouse Sign Your Personal Guarantee?

Community Debts – The Common rule The power of one spouse to make the marital community liable for a debt or contract is called the power to bind. Generally, each spouse individually has the […]