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Arizona Foreclosure Update – August 2013

In a recent study conducted by TransUnion (the credit-bureau company), Arizona had the best foreclosure clean-up numbers of any state in the nation. According to the report, the “proportion of homeowners with past-due home […]

The Risks of Joint Tenancy

So, you and your wife or husband have survived the 2006 – 2011 real estate storm. You have either reinvested or held onto your home and now you can relax a bit knowing that […]

BIG win in National Foreclosure Settlement

Chalk one up for the little guy…finally! If you haven’t heard, Lynn Szymoniak (she’s the woman who decided she was tired of being pushed around by her bank and filed suit) finally got some […]

California Anti-Deficiency Law (Senate Bill 458)

Californian’s facing upside down house values have recently been given an important lifeline – something which happens far too infrequently in these uncertain times. No matter what your political preferences, you have to give […]