From the September, 2014

Final Tax Deadline for 2014

If you haven’t already filed your taxes then you’ve got 15 days left to complete the job. Assuming you filed an extension before the original deadline (4/15/2014) you’re now approaching the end of the […]

Is Bankruptcy Right for YOU?

Most people are aware that bankruptcy can provide debt relief, but many don’t think it is the right time for them to file. There is no magic equation to apply to your circumstances to […]

IRS Audit Targets in 2015

The Government Accounting Office says that since FY 2010, the IRS has lost 10,000 employees and had its budget reduced by $900 million. More cuts are proposed for the 2015 IRS budget. Identity theft, […]

Employee or Independent Contractor – Make Them Pay Rent!

Recently we posted the details on the IRS requirements for determining the difference between employee and independent contractor. Recently, we became aware of the results of an IRS examination on this very point. The […]

Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The two most common types of bankruptcy filed by individuals are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. However, many people do not know the differences between these two types of filings and which type of […]

Upcoming 2013 FINAL Tax Deadlines

If you filed an extension for your 2013 tax returns, you bought yourself a little more time to finish the forms and get them submitted. But those deadlines are quickly approaching. Here they are: […]

How does the Automatic Stay Help You?

When you file a personal bankruptcy case, the automatic stay is immediately effective. The stay is very beneficial for individuals who have been facing financial troubles for a while or who are facing a […]

Scam Central – Is It Really The IRS Calling?

The latest scam is phone callers impersonating the IRS and demanding payment. And it’s pretty tricky to know who is and isn’t legitimate. The IRS is a collection agency and like most other collection […]

Tax Tips for Tip Income

Anything you receive as a tip is considered taxable income.  Usually a tip is in the form of cash.  But occasionally a tip may be in the form of something that is not cash, […]