From the May, 2022

IRS Issues Answers to FAQ About 2021 Child Tax Credit (3/3)

Q: What happens if two different taxpayers claimed the CTC for the same qualifying child? A: In some cases, a child meets all the IRS tests to be a qualifying child for multiple taxpayers. […]

IRS Issues Answers to FAQ About 2021 Child Tax Credit (2/3)

Q: How do I respond to a notice saying that the IRS changed the CTC amount on my return? A: If you agree with the change made, you do not need to respond at […]

IRS Issues Answers to FAQs About 2021 Child Tax Credit (1/3)

The maximum credit amounts and income limits for the Child Tax Credit differed in 2021 from other years. In addition, many taxpayers received advance CTC payments, and had to reconcile these payments with their […]

Why Some Taxpayers May Receive IRS Letters

If the IRS needs to contact a taxpayer, the agency will generally send a letter in the mail rather than emailing or calling. Taxpayers may receive IRS letters for many reasons, including: The taxpayer […]

Missed the April 18 IRS Deadline? File Now to Reduce Penalties

The IRS due date for filing 2021 tax returns has passed, but taxpayers who missed the deadline still have many reasons to file as soon as possible. Both those who owe tax and those […]