From the June, 2019

Tax FAQ Series – Calling the IRS to Request a Change – Isn’t It Simple?

What about contacting the IRS – can’t you just call them and let them know the change? In theory, yes. But it’s a very complex process. In order to contact the IRS, we have […]

Tax FAQ Series: Is it important for you to handle both my personal and business tax returns?

Yes, we believe it is. Here are 2 important reasons why. Your refund will likely be larger. Your audit risk will likely be smaller. The US Tax Code has evolved since 1861 when the […]

Tax FAQ Series – Why is there an amendment fee? I just need to change one simple thing.

You know the situation – your return is prepared then you find (or someone sends you) one more piece of tax data that needs to go on your return. You contact us and find […]

Tax FAQ Series – All About Estimated Tax Payments

What are Estimated Tax Payments? Let’s start with what they’re not. If you receive a W-2 wage from your employer or pay yourself a W-2 wage from your own business, there will likely be […]

Tax FAQ Series: When should a Form 1099-Misc be issued?

A 1099-Misc Form should be issued to Non-W-2 providers of services, including sole-proprietors, partnerships (including LLC’s that have elected to be taxed as partnerships), and independent contractors. However, you are not required to issue […]