From the June, 2014

You May Have A Friend At The IRS

From biblical times until now, the tax man was synonymous with the bad man – someone to fear, and on occasion, to hate. The IRS, our modern day version of the tax man, fits […]

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

The IRS has recently encouraged small employers who provide health insurance to their employees to use the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.  The credit was included in the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010.  […]

IRS Adopts Taxpayer Bill of Rights

In time for its wave of letters and inquires resulting from the 2014 filing season, the Taxpayer Advocacy Service of the IRS has issued a revised Taxpayer Bill of Rights.  The effort is made […]

Identity Theft – It’s Hitting Tax Returns Too!

A taxpayer in California received a letter early this year notifying them that their 2013 tax return was being examined – but they hadn’t yet even filed their 2013 return. An Arizona couple was […]

No Bitcoin Reporting for 2014 FBARS

The IRS recently notified taxpayers that for 2014 it will not require taxpayers to include Bitcoin transactions in a Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR).  But the IRS issued this […]

The Latest Scam!

If you’re the owner of an Arizona LLC, you’re likely to receive correspondence from ARIZONA BUSINESS FILING SERVICES. The letter, which arrives in an official looking envelope, claims to alert you to the fact […]

New Procedures for Reinstating Tax Exempt Status

The IRS recently issued new guidelines for reinstating an organization’s tax exempt status after it has been revoked because of failure to file returns for three consecutive years.  The reason this is necessary is […]

Frivolous Tax Arguments

The IRS recently issued a list of the latest tax scams and frivolous tax arguments it sees in the Tax Court and the IRS appeals process.  These arguments have never worked, nor will they […]

FICA Withholding on Severance Pay

For taxpayers considering a reduction in force, a recent Supreme Court decision may affect how those taxpayers withhold FICA tax on any severance payments that might be made in that reduction. The Supreme Court […]

Court Upholds FBAR Penalty That Exceeded Foreign Account Assets

A Federal appeals court recently upheld a case where a Florida taxpayer (Mr. Carl R. Zwerner) was assessed a penalty equal to 150% of the value of the foreign accounts that he should have […]