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Amnesty for Independent Contractors vs. Employee Mistakes

For small businesses with employees, the distinction between an independent contractor and an employee may seem negligible.  Both work for you and provide some sort of service for which you pay compensation.  But there […]

The IRS Report Card for 2014

With the majority of personal tax returns now filed, how did the IRS do compared to the prior tax year? Well, here are a few statistics just published by the IRS (processing dates are […]

Loss of Tax Records Due to Disasters

Recently the IRS issued an updated advisory on the importance of maintaining and safeguarding tax records.  The release was timed to coincide with the start of hurricane season.  While not everyone lives in a […]

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

The IRS has recently encouraged small employers who provide health insurance to their employees to use the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.  The credit was included in the Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010.  […]

FICA Withholding on Severance Pay

For taxpayers considering a reduction in force, a recent Supreme Court decision may affect how those taxpayers withhold FICA tax on any severance payments that might be made in that reduction. The Supreme Court […]

U. S. Taxpayers With Foreign Assets Have Filing Obligations

The IRS continues to remind taxpayer of their foreign asset filing obligations.  The obligations apply to U.S. citizens, resident aliens, including those with dual citizenship, and those living abroad.  In fact, the filing deadline […]

Responsible Person Liability For Payroll Taxes

The Internal Revenue Code (Section 7501) states that payroll taxes withheld from an employee’s paycheck are held in trust for the United States and must be paid to them.  Withholding these funds and then […]

New IRS Guidance For Innocent Spouse Procedures

Often times a spouse, or former spouse, may receive an enormous tax assessment from the IRS and have no idea why.  It might just be that the tax liability is the result of tax […]

Does My Income Level Affect My Chance of Being Audited?

No matter how careful we are with taxes, the threat of an audit seems to lurk like a bad dream in the recesses of taxpayers minds. But how likely is an audit. Well, here’s […]

Tax Refunds are UP!

The IRS just released the 2014 tax filing season statistics and the biggest news is that both the number and amount of refunds are up. While there are still a few months to the […]