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A Cash Refund? At Wal-Mart?

Time seems to stand still when you are waiting for your tax refund to arrive. This year will be no exception, as most reports indicate refunds may be slowed due to a decrease in […]

How IRS Budget Cuts May Slow Your Refund

Tax returns are due every April 15th. In order to file accurately, you must have all the information necessary to prepare and file your return. So, at the end of January employers and other […]

Early Filing – Early Refund? Maybe Not. IRS Expects Delays in 2014 Refunds

The Internal Revenue Service typically opens the tax season the last week of January, and closes it on the 15th day of April. The 2015 tax season is expected to begin January 23, 2015. […]

News of Seven Month Tax Refund Delay – Complete Hoax

When it comes to your tax refund, you probably want to receive it as soon as possible. In the past several months, there have been news articles out there about the IRS delaying refunds […]