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Mileage Logs the Easy Way

For decades, we’ve all dreaded the task of tracking vehicle miles for tax purposes. But it’s always a good idea, always something the IRS Agents ask for in our office whenever auto expenses are […]

Should your Small Business Outsource its Product Development?

When you start a new business venture, one of the biggest decisions you must make is deciding whether to build your product in-house or use outsourced services. There are pros and cons to each […]

Online Lending Providing Answers for Small Businesses

You might be surprised to learn that small business owners are using online lenders for their credit needs. In fact, a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found that one […]

Understanding the Basics of Limited Liability Companies

Many small businesses are formed as limited liability companies (LLCs). Although corporations are effective legal entities, they require burdensome formalities that corporate managers must comply with and observe. The LLC structure has grown in […]