Will Owing Taxes Ruin Your Chances At Federal Employment?

Nearly every type of debt can be overwhelming. When you are on a tight budget it is difficult to add even one more dollar to your monthly obligations. Finding a job that pays enough to cover your bills and have enough left over for recreational activities is on most everyone’s list of priorities. If you or someone you know has recently engaged in a job search, it common knowledge that gathering the documentation required to obtain a job, or just to get an interview is a time consuming process. The procedures followed by most companies include conducting background and credit checks. The results can be used when a potential employer is considering making you a job offer, so it is a good idea to know in advance what your reports will say. This is especially true if you are applying for a job with the federal government, and even more so if you have tax debt that has gone unpaid.

A recent report shows one of the largest debts in America is past due taxes. This probably comes as no surprise, as complaints about high taxes are common. But, it might be surprising to learn that federal employees are the group with the most tax debt. The statistics show:

  • The past due tax liability for all federal workers tops 1.1 billion for the year 2014.


  • Given this is the highest amount of back taxes owed by this group of workers since 2009; the government has a plan to put an end to the problem.


Legislation is being considered that would prevent people with tax debt from taking a job with the federal government. In order to avoid the harsh consequence of being passed over for a job for owing taxes, call our office to learn your options. We have experience working out payment plans or having the tax debt eliminated altogether. Our approach is an individual approach, meaning we work with you to develop a strategy that fits your circumstances and your budget. Call us today to learn more from one of our skilled tax professionals.


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