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Let Sleeping Dogs (or Creditors) Lie in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

It is a pervasive misconception among debtors in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases that the debtor has a duty to enter a new contract with secured creditors in order to retain their vehicles, their home, […]

Disclosing Inherited Property In A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A recent ruling from the 9th Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel has clarified an ambiguity in the bankruptcy code by clarifying that property inherited more than 180 days after the filing of a Chapter 13 […]

Life After Bankruptcy- Rebuilding your Credit

The economic tsunami devastated your portfolio of investments and you were pushed into seeking bankruptcy protection. The credit score you were so proud of plunged from the low 800’s or high 700’s down to […]

What can I expect at the 341 meeting of creditors meeting in Arizona for my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case? (PART TWO)

  So you found the Bankruptcy Court and now you are waiting to talk to the Trustee for your 341 meeting.  Who is the Trustee?  There are several different Chapter 7 Trustees in Maricopa […]

The New Arizona BK Exemptions Are Here!

If your personal assets deterred you from filing a bankruptcy case in the past, you will want to consult a lawyer regarding the new Arizona bankruptcy exemptions.  House bill 2325 was passed during the […]

What Can I Expect at the 341 Meeting of Creditors Meeting? (PART ONE)

The 341 meeting is your meeting of creditors.  341 comes from the bankruptcy code that mandates the US Trustee “shall convene and preside at a meeting of creditors.”  11 U.S.C. 341. In Phoenix, there is […]

How Can I Pay For My Bankruptcy When I Am Having Financial Trouble?

A typical question during a bankruptcy consultation meeting is, “When I am facing financial hardships, how can I pay for my bankruptcy?”  Before filing for bankruptcy, you must be very careful how you spend […]

Can Casey Anthony File for Bankruptcy?

A colleague forwarded to me an article regarding the unbelievable amount of debt Casey Anthony acquired during the defense of her criminal charges in the state of Florida. At first glance, I thought “Wow. […]

Is the Bankruptcy Trustee Friend or Foe?

When you file for bankruptcy protection, one of the first things the court does is appoint a Trustee. What’s his or her role? To gather any assets of the bankruptcy estate, liquidate them and […]

Who has to pay the HOA and Property Taxes after bankruptcy?

You’ve decided to file bankruptcy and some of the debts are past-due HOA fees and delinquent property taxes. Who’s responsible for these debts? HOA Dues HOA dues are a personal debt (in all but […]