Finally – a Win for Free Speech

Thanks to a federal judge in St. Louis on February 6, 2014, automobile drivers still have the right to warn each other about approaching speed traps by flashing their lights.

Michael Elli received a ticket for flashing his lights to warn fellow drivers of speed traps he’d already passed. He contested the ticket on grounds that it violated his right of expression.

His attorney argued that if he had stopped at a gas station and told a fellow driver about the speed trap while they were filling their cars the “expression” would have been protected on constitutional grounds.

Judge Henry Autrey agreed – a driver has a constitutional right to flash his or her lights under the First Amendment and issued an injunction to stop Ellisville Police from enforcing the policy.

So if you want to help fellow drivers be aware of speed traps you’ve noticed – flash away. It’s your constitutional right!

By: Evan A. Nielsen