IRS Woes continue…

For the past few years the IRS seems to constantly find itself on the negative side of national press. Most recently the US House of Representatives has entertained the possibility of impeaching IRS Commissioner Jon Koskinen in the aftermath of the agency’s failure to fully disclose the details associated with the non-profit scandal that ultimately cost Lois Lerner her job.

As the inquiries continue, it has now been revealed that the original list of “targeted” non-profit organizations is nearly twice the size initially reported (from just under 300 to nearly 500).

However, an actual impeachment proceeding seems unlikely. Sen. Orrin Hatch (Republican, Utah) who currently chairs the Senate Finance Committee and is the most senior Senate Republican, recently told the press that there may not always be agreement with Koskinen but that those conflicts shouldn’t cost the IRS Commissioner his job. Hatch indicated that “…for the most part [Koskinen] has been very cooperative…”

With confidence in the IRS at an all-time low and this being an election year, my best guess is that the IRS will continue to get negative press. And until it takes its image problem seriously, and make concrete changes in policy and actual work, the hate-fest on the IRS will continue.

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