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IRS Answers Questions Regarding 7 Common Tax Myths

The Internal Revenue service offered taxpayers some tips today to help clear up some common misconceptions and provided a list of common tax myths. We hear these misconceptions often and have summarized the IRS […]

IRS Budget Cuts – the Results Will Surprise You.

We’ve reported several times in the past about the ongoing cuts to the IRS budget – now at just under $11 Billion. A new report released earlier this month by the Treasury Inspector General […]

IRS Woes continue…

For the past few years the IRS seems to constantly find itself on the negative side of national press. Most recently the US House of Representatives has entertained the possibility of impeaching IRS Commissioner […]

Can Taxes be discharged in Bankruptcy?

Just about everyone you talk to says that Taxes can’t be discharged in bankruptcy but is that really true? Some taxes, particularly income taxes, CAN be discharged in a bankruptcy proceeding if they meet […]