Lexus Marquez

Ms. Marquez is a multi-talented contributor with broad experience and unusual intellectual abilities. She quickly assesses situations and how to address them. A gifted learner with the unusual ability to balance analytical and interactive demands of simultaneous tasks, she juggles the Firm’s priorities for each client’s benefit. Knowledgeable in most areas of the Firm, both technical and administrative, she is uniquely qualified to help the Firm’s founder drive client service excellence and organizational efficiency.

Her background in client service, sales & administration and the basics of legal and tax areas allow her to clearly understand issues from the client’s perspective and shape the Firm’s processes for the better. She always has the customer in mind, no matter the circumstances and continues to focus her energies on addressing their needs.

In her free time Lexus enjoys spending time with her significant other and family, learning and experiencing new things, and rooting for the New England Patriots.