The Taxpayer’s Secret Weapon – Records

We’re regularly dealing with the IRS as we represent taxpayers in audits. Occasionally they’re from returns we’ve prepared and much more often they’re involving returns we didn’t prepare. No matter the source, audits are never enjoyable for our clients and we’d prefer to avoid them if possible. When that’s not the case, there is one thing that always makes the audit go much more smoothly – RECORDS.

But Not just any records – they need to be accurate and complete. Whether it’s a record of your auto miles, your charitable contributions or your business expenses, the records are key. When you have them, and they’re accurate, you hold a golden ticket that’s very difficult for the IRS to rebut. In fact, whenever we’re able to provide detailed records to an IRS Agent, we almost always get a prompt and favorable response.

If you’re great at keeping records and have the time and knowledge to do it then you don’t need anyone’s help – you can handle it yourself. Record keeping software is also a big plus, but someone’s got to drive it. If that’s not you and you have a fair amount of recordkeeping you should seriously consider hiring a bookkeeper. Many of our clients get help a few times a year. Others hire help year-round. No matter what your specific needs are, you’d be surprised how cost effective the help is. And when it comes to audits, records ROCK!

If you need to find a good bookkeeper or service, check Angie’s List, Craig’s List, or give us a call and we can give you names of a few we’ve been impressed with. If you are facing an audit, contact us today to schedule your free consultation with one of our experienced tax attorneys. Call (480) 888-7111 or submit a web request here.