Top Ten Tax Cheats In US History

For most, saving money on taxes is a must, because the financial burden created by having to pay in more than what has already been held out all year long through pay check withholding could be the budget breaker. The result is that the average taxpayer looks for every deduction and exemption available, and then seeks to maximize it to their benefit. In most instances this is consistent with tax rules and regulations. In other instances though, the acts are so egregious that the IRS steps in and imposes fines and penalties, and may even seek to imprison a tax cheat.

The list of top ten tax cheats in US history includes some familiar names, and some not so familiar names. Here’s the list:

  • Al Capone, infamous mobster.
  • Ty Warner, maker of the beanie baby toy.
  • Action movie star Wesley Snipes.
  • Joe and Teresa Giudice, reality television personalities.
  • Tax attorney Paul Daugerdaus.
  • Igor Olenicoff, real estate mogul.
  • Self-proclaimed “Queen of Tax Fraud” Rashia Wilson.
  • Leona Helmsley.
  • Baseball legend Pete Rose.
  • Joe Francis, television producer.

The best way to stay off the IRS’ radar is to file accurate and timely returns. If you have questions about what you can or cannot deduct, get professional advice. For all your tax questions, consult a skilled professional. When your taxes are prepared properly you can rest easy knowing the chances of being an IRS target are low. The same is true if you are already the subject of an investigation. Partnering with a trained legal tax professional will ease the burden of dealing with the IRS as you are assured proper legal strategies are being formulated and put to use on your behalf.

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