From the August, 2014

Employee or Independent Contactor

It is crucial for employers to correctly categorize service providers as employees or independent contractors.  It’s especially true for small businesses because they don’t often have the systems in place to correctly determine if […]

Rule 2004 Examination and Subpoena Duces Tecum – What are they?

The Rule 2004 Examination is named for the Federal Bankruptcy Rule of Procedure that sets out the procedure for the Trustee or other interested party to obtain additional disclosure of documents or testimony from […]

Child and Dependent Care Expense

In these modern times a dual income family is the norm.  When a dual income family also has children, it’s necessary to get some kind of care for those children so both parents can work full […]

Foreign Tax Credit

The purpose of the foreign tax credits is to allow U.S. taxpayers to avoid double taxation on income that is taxed both by the United States and a foreign government.  Note that any foreign […]

Does The IRS Care Whether My Business Shows A Profit?

Do you dream of leaving your day job to pursue your passion? Do you want to turn your hobby into a career?  Maybe you aren’t there yet, but you’re working on it.  What are […]

Energy Incentive Credits

Most everyone seeks to conserve energy and use it wisely.  There are a number of provisions in the Internal Revenue Code that encourage individuals to be energy smart.   Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit […]

The Earned Income Tax Credit – Best Tax Credit of All

Tax credits are welcome news at tax time (or any time) and the Earned Income Tax Credit is one of the best. If you’re eligible, you could receive more than $6,000 in refundable credits. […]

Statute of Limitation Basics

Generally, a statute of limitations is a law that limits the time a legal proceeding, or act allowed under a law, can be initiated.  Think of it as a way of legal housecleaning – […]

Qualified Adoption Expenses

If you are a new parent through adoption, then please accept our heartfelt congratulations.  And better yet, did you know the Internal Revenue Code provides for a tax credit, or an exclusion from taxable […]