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TAX RETURNS: Why am I being audited?

Why am I being audited? So you open the mail and there it is, a letter from the IRS. Your first question is: WHY? How does the IRS decide who to audit and who […]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau crack down on Credit Bureaus

Another break for consumers came this week when Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (formed as a result of the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010) decided this past week to become actively […]

BIG win in National Foreclosure Settlement

Chalk one up for the little guy…finally! If you haven’t heard, Lynn Szymoniak (she’s the woman who decided she was tired of being pushed around by her bank and filed suit) finally got some […]

Estate tax increase

At some point, many of us have, or will lose a parent. The sadness of the loss alone is enough to occupy your time. But then comes the winding up of the estate. If […]

California Anti-Deficiency Law (Senate Bill 458)

Californian’s facing upside down house values have recently been given an important lifeline – something which happens far too infrequently in these uncertain times. No matter what your political preferences, you have to give […]

A Sad Tax Story

Some may say that any story about tax is sad but this one was particularly unfortunate because it really could have been avoided completely with just a little more preparation/time. It goes like this. […]