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Tax Fraud – Who’s Problem is It?

The IRS reported a substantial increase in fraudulent tax returns over the past 18 months. It’s now climbing to the multi-billion issue. Congress and the Department of Justice are now involved with hearings planned […]

…And the Latest Tax Scam is…

On the anniversary of the corporate tax return deadline and just 30 days away from the personal deadline our attention has clearly shifted to tax preparation issues. This year has a new (SIGNIFICANT) wrinkle […]

Arizona LLCs and the Publication Requirement

In Arizona (and a handful of other states), publication is required when you form a limited liability company. But what happens if the organizer (the person forming the LLC) doesn’t complete this step within […]

Wills and Trusts Aren’t Yet Ready to Join the Digital Age

Most people these days use electronic media as their primary form of communication and record keeping, but there are some areas where paper records are still the norm where there is a need to […]

What the 2015 Budget Cuts Mean For Taxpayers- An Email From the IRS Commissioner

Check out the recent email that IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sent to employees to see what the 2015 budget cut means for taxpayers. Click below to view the email. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen Letter

The Incorporation Gap – Have You Incorporated Your Business?

How many US workers are self-employed? The numbers vary widely. An old Intuit survey estimated that by 2020, 40% of the US workforce would be self-employed. A Washington lobbying group named “It’s My Business” […]

Confidential Taxpayer Documents Released to White House by the IRS

The IRS is required by law to keep taxpayer information confidential…right. But somehow, when the White House asks for that confidential information, the law no longer matters. And how big a deal is it […]

A Tax Planning Tip for the Small Business Owners

Year-end is approaching and now’s a great time to take a few fine-tuning steps to improve your tax situation. But be careful – many end-of-year tax planning “tips” really amount to giving away your […]

IRA Roll-Overs – Now the limit is ONE!

So you have an IRA and you don’t like who’s managing it or your options in it. The solution was simple – just roll it over to someone or something else. The roll-over was […]

IRS erased key records in lawsuit, NetJets says.

Remember the news agencies reporting about the IRS targeting conservative non-profit groups during the last presidential campaign…and the critical emails that would establish truth or fiction turned up missing? Well, the issue’s back. NetJets, […]