Debt Relief: A New Year’s Resolution to Keep!

During the holiday season most people tend to set their finanical troubles aside with a promise to themselves that they will “do better” in the new year. Even so, with each gift you buy, your stress tends to grow. Maybe this year is the one where you will keep your New Year’s resolution to take control over your finances.

There are a variety of debt relief options out there, and we can help you decide which one is the most advantageous to you. Filing a personal bankruptcy can allow you to obtain a comprehensive fresh financial start. This means that you could start 2015 with the peace of mind that you are going to eliminate the majority (if not all) of your debt!

It is essential to start planning now. We can help you start the new year with no more:

  • Debt collector’s abusive or harassing telephone calls
  • Letters threatening collection actions or lawsuits
  • Anxiety over losing your property
  • Garnishments against your wages or bank account
  • Arguments with your wife or husband over your debt
  • Feeling helpless

You might be surprised at how comforting it is to know that you have a plan for your financial future.

A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing provides you with one of the most comprehensive and effective means for dealing with all of your creditors. Whether you have experienced negative financial events in your life or you have made poor choices with your finances, bankruptcy can get you back on track.

If you are interested in starting 2015 with a financial strategy for handling your debt in place, contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. Remember, meeting with us to learn your debt relief options does not mean you are committed to filing a case. Educating yourself about your options can help you take control and assist with getting your finances headed in the right direction.

Contact a knowledgeable Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 attorney at Nielsen Law Group for help with all bankruptcy-related matters. You can schedule your initial consultation by calling (480) 888-7111 or submitting a web request here.