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Don’t make these Intellectual Property Mistakes

Companies of all sizes should take care to protect their intellectual property (IP). For a small business owner, one IP mistake could be devastating to the success of your entity. Thus, it is vital […]

Tips for Hiring a Loyal Employee

When you are an entrepreneur and it is time to hire your first employee, it is important to make a good choice. Consider the following tips:   Hire somebody who is versatile. Your first […]

3 Contracts Your New Business Needs

One of the most important things a start-up business can do is to protect itself legally. The best way to ensure that you do this is to work with a knowledgeable business attorney. While […]

What is the Difference between a PLLC & LLC?

When you are forming a new business, there are a variety of legal entities you should consider. For small business owners, professional limited liability companies (PLLC) and limited liability companies (LLC) are two business […]

6 Successfully Shifting from Employee to Business Owner-Part 2

Hopefully you have read our blog titled “6 Tips for Successfully Shifting from Employee to Business Owner – Part 1.” Below are three more additional tips for you to consider: Prepare for some isolation. […]

6 Tips for Successfully Shifting from Employee to Business Owner-Part 1

While it is important to have an original idea and many connections, becoming a successful business owner requires a lot more. For most people, making the shift from the structured world of being a […]

New Business Venture? Consider these Tips

Business owners often feel overwhelmed by all of the difficult decisions that they have to make. To add to the stress, the decisions that are made now can impact your business for a long […]