From the July, 2014

Property Valuation Issues

Valuing a piece of property where there is not a readily available market price available can be difficult.  And issue may arises when you make a gift of this property to a loved one […]

Loss of Tax Records Due to Disasters

Recently the IRS issued an updated advisory on the importance of maintaining and safeguarding tax records.  The release was timed to coincide with the start of hurricane season.  While not everyone lives in a […]

IRS Contractors and Summons Material

The IRS has clarified its rules regarding when an IRS contractor may receive material on behalf of the IRS that was produced in response to an IRS summons.   The IRS has amended its […]

Disclosing Inherited Property In A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A recent ruling from the 9th Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel has clarified an ambiguity in the bankruptcy code by clarifying that property inherited more than 180 days after the filing of a Chapter 13 […]